Ronald Kister – How to Successfully Implement Effective Project Management Initiatives

When it comes to implementing project management initiatives, one of the biggest problems companies face is the breakdown between the corporate strategy and the project teams. For Ronald Kister, an IT consultant in New York, it is imperative that the strategies he proposes and tries to implement for his clients are effective and align with the corporate goals and vision.

Here are some ways you can be successful when implementing new company initiatives.

Ronald Kister

  1. You have to create clear priorities and communicate them with the team. To accomplish this, you have to look at the organization’s mission statement, corporate values, annual plans and strategic plans in order to see the connections between the project and the company’s long-term goals.
  2. In order to gain full acceptance within the organization, the project and project team have to have a stake in order to gain the desired results. After the project kick-off meeting, there needs to be something else that continues to breathe life into the project.
  3. You have to take the strategic plans and turn them into a prioritized collection of projects and programs that are pushed through a pipeline. Many times the original project plan is too abstract and people aren’t able to relate it to their work.

Effective project management is born from the right knowledge and skills being applied to the project activities. When everyone knows their role and responsibilities the project will be positioned for success. Ronald Kister successfully managed major projects throughout his career, including developing the technology education program for the Harborfields Central School District in Greenlawn, New York.



About Ronald Kister

Ronald Kister is an IT specialist in Mount Sinai, New York. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Monmouth University, where he studied computer science.
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