Ronald Kister: Tips for Teachers in the Classroom

Ronald Kister is an expert when it comes to information technology. Although he is a consultant and business owner, he began his career as an educator.

Ronald Kister Tips for Teachers in the Classroom

“Then I had an opportunity to go into business for myself,” he remembers. “Since 2013, I’ve been consulting under the name RKJ- Consulting.”

He successfully got the funding for school computers, and developed a computer training curriculum. “Shortly after that I was asked if I would be interested in moving to the high school [to] develop a technology education program. I took the challenge.”

Here are some tips for teachers in the classroom:

Establish classroom rules for the semester or year. This will help you control your class from the first day to the last, and it won’t leave any room for misunderstandings by your students.

Give your students enough time to work on assignments in class. Homework is important for extra practice, but you can’t expect your students to do their homework properly if they don’t have any time to practice while in class.

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Be available to your students after class. Some students have a hard time asking questions in front of their peers, which means they will come to you outside of class time. Although their insecurity shouldn’t necessarily be encouraged, they still need to learn the material. You might be able to help them become more comfortable as a result.

Ronald Kister is proud of what he was able to accomplish for his students while working as an educator.

About Ronald Kister


About Ronald Kister

Ronald Kister is an IT specialist in Mount Sinai, New York. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Monmouth University, where he studied computer science.
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