Ronald Kister: Asset Management in Information Technology

Ronald Kister is an experienced information technology specialist who’s worked with various companies in his fifteen-year career. He understands what it takes to spearhead, implement and support different systems in complex environments. Ronald Kister has demonstrated the ability to lead project teams and departments, helping manage IT assets from procurement to replacement.

Ronald Kister: Asset Management in Information Technology

Technology is crucial in helping companies achieve efficiency and the smooth flow of communication and information. Without proper management, an organization can fail to see the opportunities to be competitive.

Asset lifecycle

Good management starts with defining the asset lifecycle. Typically, an asset (hardware or software) is procured out of need. Once the procurement process plays out, the asset is deployed to the relevant department. An organization has to identify the responsible party that oversees is management and use.

Ronald Kister: Asset Management in Information Technology

On a regular basis, an asset may require upgrades or repair. Any changes to the original configuration of an asset have to be recorded and documented to help assess its overall usefulness.

After a defined lifetime, an asset will have to be deactivated. Those that no longer serve a useful purpose can have salvage value; otherwise, the organization has to let it go if there’s no way of extending its lifetime.

Importance of asset management

At a basic level, asset management is similar to inventory tracking. It entails identifying the software and hardware resources an organization has and how it’s used. At a higher level, this type of management helps the organization have a clear understanding of its technological resources and how to realize value from them.

Ronald Kister: Asset Management in Information Technology

Assets management is not a one-time event. Rather, it has to continue for as long as a firm uses technology to achieve its objectives. The dynamic nature of technology requires the business to stay up to date on its assets.

Ronald Kister consults through his company, RKJ Consulting, which is based in Mount Sinai, New York.

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About Ronald Kister

Ronald Kister is an IT specialist in Mount Sinai, New York. After graduating high school, he enrolled at Monmouth University, where he studied computer science.
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